You mean one of your GitHub Gists right?

Yes; I now moved that to here, so below - hope that's fine. It's still an Org-mode file. Github can render Org-mode files nicely, so that's fine for everyone to read. In case someone also wants to edit the content, but doesn't want to learn Org-mode just for that, please tell me; I would split this to a Markdown and .el sources in that case.

By the way, feel free to create new repos under the schemedoc organization any time you like.

Thanks; I started to work on the feature list and will also put that into an appropriate repo below schemedoc. I'll probably start with a Markdown description and add some POC sources later. I'll post links here, once something useful is available.

You have a lot of good stuff in the Gists so maybe they could make good starting points for some repos to explore all this stuff.

The remaining bits are the SRFI-HTML-scrappers and I think they will be find a nice new home in the server-side code of the API-server one day ;) I'll move them, once we have a concrete understanding where to put them (where moving will include adaption from Gauche Scheme, if required).