Thanks for keeping up the work! I didn't quite understand your request.

Do you mean URLs for pages like this:

And then URLs for individual symbols, e.g.

The individual symbol URLs are tricky. They often cannot be derived from the symbol name with a simple rule. It would be best to just have a lookup table manually mapping symbols to URLs. This lookup table could be auto-generated for implementations where we can get away with a simple rule.

On 06.05.2019 19.50, Frank Ruben wrote:

I'm still hacking together some primitive schemedoc-features end-to-end for some of the constellations described below, and two of the most simple to-add-features would be supporting URLs for a symbol index (below: 'scheme-index-url') and a query for a symbol (below: 'scheme-query-url') in the metadata files. These links would be defined per Scheme-implementation plus ideally one default for the cases where implementation-specific links are not defined.

The index-URL can simply be supported by the existing entry for documentation/web-url, the query-URL could be supported by something like documentation/query-url.

And to handle the generic entries not only for these, but also for other metadata items, we could add a file named e.g. generic.scm, that can be searched for fallback values.