Le lun. 20 mai 2019 à 19:30, Lassi Kortela <xxxxxx@lassi.io> a écrit :
> The search engine is at http://search.scheme-lang.com/
> Please try it and let me know if you see any bug.

Very nice search results! Thanks for making this :)

It is not ready for prime time, but I find it helpful already.
Some searches are quite slow (~30 seconds). Are there easy optimizations
to try?

Yes they are. It will be helpful to give the queries that timeouts. I know querying for "scheme"
without the double quotes takes a lot of time. I plan to optimize that.
Can you add the <search.scheme-lang.com> hostname to your Let's Encrypt
certificate? Feel free to email me in case you want help with that.

I will do.

Brings a smile to my face to see "Powered by Scheme" on a website :)
Slowly but surely Scheme's web presence is expanding and updating.