Very nice. I did not follow up on the message because I had not much
time to invest in this but I think it will really help the schemers community.

I added a few topics to the repository to help discovery.

tl;dr: I will make a pull request.

Regarding the contributions guidelines, IIRC there is a notability
requirement that is what I see a some awesome-list where pull-requests
must receive a few +1 before it is merged. I would go with 5 or 10 upvotes
to merge a given contribution.

What I propose is to settle on this rule and make it github dot files so that
future contributors know what to expect.

Another point: Should we add some empty sections where contributors
will be able to add items. My proposal is to snarf the the table of content
from that is pick most (all?) section in our

At this point, we should be set to start dog-fooding the system which
would mean making pull requests to the repository and request
schemers to upvote and do more pull requests.

Le mar. 25 juin 2019 à 11:13, Lassi Kortela <> a écrit :
Amirouche suggested in May that we make an Awesome Scheme to be included
at <>. I finally got around to adding some
initial content: <>. I think
the license and formatting now conform to Project Awesome's guidelines,
but I'm not 100% sure. I probably made some mistakes; feel free to edit
and add things as you like.