Le mar. 25 juin 2019 à 11:51, Lassi Kortela <xxxxxx@lassi.io> a écrit :
> Yes. While it is little bit of ceremony, it will help stear the document
> into a good direction. It will also avoid repeating that PR without votes don't get
> merged. Also I think it is a requirements of awesome-lists.


I set some GitHub branch protections for the master branch:
Direct commits are now disallowed and we can only merge pull requests
that are approved by at least 1 other person. Everyone in the GitHub
organization can still do merges but this should help us get used to the

Thanks, I did not know it was possible.

I sent a pull requests at https://github.com/schemedoc/awesome-scheme/pull/1

Let me know whether it is ok to merge, so that I can start making pull requests
that will be voted by the community.