Le mar. 25 juin 2019 à 13:30, Amirouche Boubekki <xxxxxx@gmail.com> a écrit :
I had the same idea about a cookbook and I think I found a great name for it.

The name is inspired from https://github.com/aosabook/500lines/

# Mission

It is a bit different from what Lassi found in the sense that it is not
how-to things that very specific and most of the time depends on the

Unlike SRFIs it will not be a set of libraries that are discussed and
proposed to the community.

It will tutorials on how to build an applications with code and documentation.

# Setup

For that project to succeed, it must be extremely painless to run and test
the application itself. That is it must have Continuous Integration and a
standard way to run the code.

That's where things becomes really overwhelming. Getting together
a seed of small applications is possible. To make it painless to experiment
with the tutorials, we would need a way to resolve dependencies maybe
even non-scheme dependencies and install them in user home directory.

Guix requires sudo to install it. Also, it is not portable across schemes
or kernels. I read there is a GNU Hurd port and maybe xbsd port. but no
windows. It is also a GNU/Linux distribution, reproducible, bootstrap-able
and PID 1 (via GNU shepherd)).

Also, I don't think that other scheme implementations will be keen on
using it, for the above reasons and also because of Not-Invented-Here

The immediate possible solution I had in mind is: guix.

# Conclusion

Having more toy applications will be a good thing.

Maybe, given the particular constraints of 500LOLS, getting
together only a portable user-space functional package manager
is not impossible.

I keep coming back to this issue of build-systems and package manager.