Le jeu. 11 juil. 2019 à 23:33, Arthur A. Gleckler <xxxxxx@speechcode.com> a écrit :
Amirouche Boubekki <xxxxxx@gmail.com> writes:

| The srfi website claims the following:
|> collecting, organizing, and serving indexes of
|> Scheme code found in SRFIs, Scheme
|> implementations, RnRS standards, etc.
| Is the above mission statement taken from the
| SRFI website still valid?

My view is that the people doing the work get to
decide.  However, I strongly believe that concrete
goals are the most effective, and that in group
efforts, agreement on goals is critical.

That was my point about the mission statement.
I wanted to help bring some structure to the brain
storming... instead of _waiting_ that something

For that reason, I think it would be best if we
went after that original goal ("collecting,
organizing, and serving indexes of Scheme code")
first.  Having achieved that goal, we'll have
momentum, confidence, and an understanding of how
each of us works that will let us tackle new
goals.  That's how we can build from simple goals
to more ambitious ones.

Well said.

| In another mail I did not send (!) I was arguing
| that requiring a backend software would be
| difficult to maintain.  So, the idea that popped
| is to use git to store the data and build a new
| version of the website when it is merged in
| master.  This makes contribution from developers
| easy (they just need git and an editor), it is
| easy to maintain, it is fail-safe in the sens
| that the schemedoc or the server disappear there
| will be copies around that will be able to
| re-launch the project.

It should be possible to have both.  If we agree
on simple on-disk formats for storing the data,
then it would be easy to generate new static web
pages for some things automatically.  A simple
implementation of GraphQL could handle more
complex queries.  The key is that all of the
software involved be open source so that anyone
can take it and run it elsewhere.

I did not think about that.