> we can create a uniquely compelling site that will make quite Scheme
> easy to understand by linking and combining information in creative
> ways, and using design (colors, typography, layout) to call attention to
> the right things. This would also be real a challenge to anyone
> interested in graphic design or information design.

Should I understand by that you don't like my web design? Spoiler: I don't mind.

I put a great deal of thought into the design http://scheme-lang.com/.

Here is the rationale:

I wanted a serif-font because most if not all schemes are related to academia,
I think that rejecting the roots of Scheme is bad karma. It is very bold to pick
a serif font for a web view. It seems to me increasing the font-size and line-height
helps readability. I use a similar technic in my blog at https://hyper.dev/blog/generic-tuple-store.html
It should remind the perfect curves of latex font but readable on screen.

For the background and visual artifacts, I wanted something in the spirit
of https://www.scheme.com/tspl4/ that is computer / algorithm generated
visuals something like fractals. Something like current racket website: https://racket-lang.org/
But more like what you can find at https://www.reddit.com/r/generative/

By the way, I created a thread about the topic in /r/scheme.

I settled a colourful strong abstract dark background, but not a video. A black background
because every website around the web (but not caniuse.com) use white, white-ish
background. I thought that being original would help convey the idea that Scheme
requires attention. The colourful abstract and strong part, was mainly to balance
with the lack of visual in the actual page. Without a video, it gives a sense of dynamism.
The background is actually an image from space I picked from https://unsplash.com/

Here is another design I made for another (scheme) software, that is missing
the dynamic nature and also sound much more serious and too much
pretentious: https://hyperdev.fr/link-grammar-website/

Logo: I like biwascheme logo and also chibi-scheme logo.

Colours: I like flat ui colors

My favourite scheme implementation website is by far the website of gerbil even if
it contradicts all the above points.

I am not saying, schemedoc api browser should use my style, I just want get started
the conversation about the cosmetics aspects, the visuals and possibly ui/ux elements
that we want to have in the application.

Amirouche ~ amz3 ~ https://hyper.dev