Le ven. 12 juil. 2019 à 01:31, Amirouche Boubekki <xxxxxx@gmail.com> a écrit :
There is something we can take inspiration from called ECMA Script compatibility table:


Talking about JavaScript, there is also https://caniuse.com/

I find the user experience of latter very great.

I made a list of some "metadata" I would like to use attached to this email.

PS: I made progress with Chibi Scheme in the browser, I hope to have
something more interesting to show tomorrow.

Something I would like to add and make really big in the comparator is the
number of static blog generator per scheme implementations. A static weblog
generator can be very complex even complicated, but it would also show how
big and alive a community is. It would be IMO more interesting than the number
of github stars.

I might be overly enthusiastic about it, it depends how the metadata API and
schema come out. I had the idea of running some kind of one-off competition
like the lisp game jam to incite schemers to create static blog generators in their
favourite implementation.

This far from a crazy idea, django from python fame used to run a programming
competition called djangodash.com (archive).

Even if we may not be able to offer goodies, there will be a leader board!


1) Create a set of rules, score grid for static blog generators

2) Contact every community and let them know that the competition is going

3) Create a repository in schemedoc organization to display the rules and host the event

4) Look for sponsors

I can draft the rules and score grid but I will need help for the rest.

Since AIM-349 was published December 22, I propose to end the competition
one week before, and release the results December 22, 2019.

ref: https://www.staticgen.com/