Le mar. 16 juil. 2019 à 23:21, Arthur A. Gleckler <xxxxxx@speechcode.com> a écrit :
Amirouche Boubekki <xxxxxx@gmail.com> writes:

| You will find attached to this mail the first
| draft of a document that describe a competition
| with the goal of building a static blog
| generator.

That looks like fun.  I'm curious to see how many
people participate.

I hope a lot!

My only critique is that you ask for rainbow
delimiters.  I'm not a fan.  Indentation is
enough.  Generally, I want as few colors in my
code as possible.  In Emacs, I have keywords
highlighted in bold and strings in blue, but
everything else is unmolested.

Ok, I was under the impression that everybody use
rainbow delimiters ^_^'.

I made it optional.

Amirouche ~ amz3 ~ https://hyper.dev