Re: Want to kickstart the Scheme API already? Arthur A. Gleckler 20 Apr 2019 22:27 UTC

Lassi Kortela <> writes:

| So the URL structure would be something like this (illustrated
with the wishful thinking that we could acquire one

|     ;; R5RS metadata as S-expressions:

That one is my favorite.  That can be downloaded once (or
infrequently) and the client can get nearly instantaneous
responses from then on.  Figuring out the details of that metadata
format, or something like it, seems necessary for handling many of
the other HTTP requests, anyway, so it seems like a good
investment to work on that first.

Of course, the metadata format should include some sort of version
information for the format, as well as a timestamp indicating when
the metadata was captured.  As with the protocol, if anything
isn't perfect, you can update the version number.

| There's Language Server Protocol (LSP) which is an open
specification from Microsoft, but as far as I can tell it's meant
to be a personal server to back a REPL session, not a public
server on the internet that serves the same content to everybody
in the world.

I looked at their overview here, and I agree with your conclusion:

It sure would be nice to take advantage of all the work they've
done, though.