Re: Opinions on GraphQL and other schema/query languages? Lassi Kortela 04 Jul 2019 15:49 UTC

>     Just started hacking on an experimental GraphQL server in
>     JavaScript  that runs on Node.js using the Express web server.
> I say go for it.  If it's making you productive, that sounds great.
> I've wanted to try Biwa Scheme seriously for a while.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm still waiting for Frank's take on
things since he has been writing the implementation so far.

In my opinion, this project has the classic problem that the purist
approach (use an established Scheme implementation, trying to do as much
as possible the Scheme way) is so much slower that it jeopardizes the
main goal of shipping a useful service in a timely manner. We could
start using the API faster if we resorted to a Java or JavaScript web
server and GraphQL implementation and wrote just the "business logic" in
Scheme. Especially combined with all our other Scheme projects, the
workload is starting to be overwhelming if we strive to do everything
the purist way :) Considering that steady progress is one of the biggest
psychological motivators for people, it would also be a big help to use
something that gets things done faster. And our attention could be freed
to other tasks that are more directly related to improving Scheme. We
can always write Scheme components for the web technology stack later
and switch to them when they are production grade. No matter what the
language, it just takes time to get things polished.

I still haven't got over how much fun it is to use GraphQL :) We can now
grow APIs and their schemas in exactly the same way we can grow Lisp
programs, by experimenting in an interactive REPL and saving the best
experiments to source files. It feels just like exploring and evolving a
Lisp program. Great stuff.