Re: Grand unified schema for the metadata and API Lassi Kortela 12 Jul 2019 12:10 UTC

I would like to write the generator libraries in such portable R7RS,
that we can publish each generator as a package on Akku
regularly scrapes snow-fort packages and auto-converts them to R6RS.
This should ease concerns about things being hard to run or maintain :)

Likewise, the orchestrator framework could be published as an ordinary
Scheme package. It will be somewhat implementation-dependent due to the
HTTP stuff, but there's always cond-expand :)

Let's also write a stub version of the framework, for situations where
one wants to run just a single generator on one's personal computer
instead of running a whole API server. This would also help a lot during
local development.

In any case, the important goal is that the generator libraries are
simple to write and test. So that someone can write a simple generator
without understanding all the tricky things about the orchestration and
server stuff.