Guix for DevOps Arthur A. Gleckler (12 Jul 2019 17:42 UTC)
Re: Guix for DevOps Lassi Kortela (12 Jul 2019 18:20 UTC)

Re: Guix for DevOps Lassi Kortela 12 Jul 2019 18:20 UTC

> I just saw this article on using Guix for configuring multiple machines
> that I thought might be relevant.  (I'm not arguing for a switch from
> Ansible, but just thought it would be be interesting.)

Yeah, they are working on it. Nix is too: <>

It's inspiring stuff. The trouble with DevOps is that the hard parts are
in the details (solving little compatibility problems and edge cases) so
both those projects will probably take a while to be production grade.
But when they are, it'll be even nicer than Ansible & co. are now :)

I was so into Nix & Guix that I wanted to configure my personal server
and spare laptop to use them (including using the devops offerings for
the server), but there were small issues with compatibility and
reliability so it would've taken quite a bit of time and dedication.
Luckily, time will solve the issues. There are no problems with the
fundamental approach as far as I can tell. It may well be the default
approach used by all modern Unixes in 10 years.