Re: Proposal for a simple plan Arthur A. Gleckler 12 Jul 2019 20:45 UTC

Lassi Kortela <> writes:

| To satisfy both the need for a plan and the need
| for sufficient freedom, how about the following
| simple plan.

That's a good start.  It lays out some high-level
goals without going into so much detail that the
implementers' freedom to act is impaired.

Assuming that people like this outline, the next
important step is for each volunteer to declare
which concrete subgoals they plan to work on right
away.  That will help reduce duplication of
effort, and it can be a morale booster to see that
other people are excited, too.

Shall we post the plan on the Schemedoc wiki here?:

Then people who plan to contribute can just put
their names next to the parts they're working on.
They can also flesh out subgoals as they see fit.

There's no need for a heavyweight, detailed
planning process.  Just basic, public outlines and
high-level communication about tasks under way
will go a long way toward a healthy, fun
collaborative project.