Re: Static Blog Generator Competition (was Re: Feature matrix and scheme implementation metadata) Lassi Kortela 17 Jul 2019 10:09 UTC

Thanks for proposing this Amirouche. A competition is an interesting and
fresh idea. And Scheme is an excellent language for competitive
programming with its fast prototyping and simple core.

>     I really hope people will come... I also hope my latin riddles are no
>     inappropriate.

I like them :) Playfulness is good.

>     I contacted 3 companies to seek sponsors. I got one clarification
>     request and another "transfer to the correct department" reply. Among
>     them there is a french cloud company, a french registar and t-shirt
>     company.

Excellent initiative.

> Drew Devault the creator and maintainer of
> <> (as known as the hacker forge) agreed to
> sponsor the event and will offer 3 typical hacker accounts
> for a total value of *150 $*.

Wow, that is awesome news!

>     Do you know companies that would be interested to sponsor the event?

Big companies like Google or Microsoft probably have some kind of
developer outreach program that might want to do it. Google does Summer
of Code every year, and that program sponsors all kinds of projects,
even some very non-mainstream but promising ones.

>         You will find attached to this mail the first draft of a document
>         that describe a competition with the goal of building a static
>         blog generator.

Your plan is very well written. You clearly put a lot of thought into it.

>         link:

What does ~schemers mean in the URL - is "schemers" a username you
registered at SourceHut?

>                 Something I would like to add and make really big in the
>                 comparator is the
>                 number of static blog generator per scheme
>                 implementations. A static weblog
>                 generator can be very complex even complicated, but it
>                 would also show how
>                 big and alive a community is. It would be IMO more
>                 interesting than the number
>                 of github stars.

You may be right. It might also give the impression that schemers are
"re-inventing the wheel" too much to have many programs of the same
type. I really have no idea which way people would see it. If you want
to try it, I support you. I think we face many unknowns at this point so
the most important thing is that we keep going and trying new things. If
site generators inspire you, you should definitely promote them.
Inspiration keeps up momentum.

>             That would be fun.  I might even contribute my own.  I gave
>             a lightning talk about it earlier this year, but the
>             software isn't in quite good enough shape to publish yet:

Looks very neat :) I like the HTML-as-S-expressions thing a lot.

I probably won't have time enter the competition myself, but we'll see.
I'd like to put as much time as possible into Schemedoc/Schemeweb and
other Scheme/Lisp standardization efforts since that's where I can help
the most.

> I will wait a few more hours and then send a mail to schemes mailing lists.

Are there any general-interest Scheme mailing lists, or you mean each
implementation's own list?