Re: When to publish the front page? Lassi Kortela 25 Nov 2020 19:46 UTC

>> It's a good idea to have a simple social contract, but not one that is so
>> simple that the home page becomes nothing more than a list of subdomains.
>> We need inviting and interesting information on the home page to persuade
>> people that it's worth revisiting.  If the home page isn't interesting and
>> useful on its own, it will be harder to attract people to subdomains.

With some creativity, there's a good chance we can work out a solution
that satisfies both constraints to a high degree. Let's try!

A surprising amount can be accomplished with just links and blurbs next
to the links, if the links are clearly worded and listed in an order
that calls attention to things that are useful to newbies.

>> Perhaps each subdomain could provide a URL that will contain a blurb that
>> can be presented on the home page.  Even better, each subdomain could
>> provide an RSS feed that can be used to push some of its information to the
>> home page as well.

Both of those are good ideas.

currently has a "tagline" field for each project. That's a one-line
string that's currently listed next to the link at
<>. We can add longer blurbs if there's
interest, though some websmiths recommend not having lots of text on the
front page. If you want to, let's try it and see how it goes.

> And if that's deemed too burdensome for now, we could have the first
> paragraph be "New to Scheme? See Want the
> latest Scheme news? See" and thus delegate
> maintaining the fresh and inviting stuff to subprojects - but I do agree
> that having the homepage pull some "latest news" from subdomains would
> be pretty neat.

The current intro paragraph at is:

"Scheme is a classic programming language in the Lisp family. It
emphasizes functional programming and domain-specific languages but
adapts to other styles. Known for its clean and minimalist design,
Scheme is one of the longest-lived and best-studied dynamic languages
with many fast and portable implementations."

Improvements are welcome. It comes from this file:

I'll start another thread about news to keep the discussion easy to follow.