News, blog, and headlines on the front page Lassi Kortela 25 Nov 2020 19:57 UTC

[Continuing from "When to publish the front page?"]

> Perhaps each subdomain could provide a URL that will contain a blurb that can be presented on the home page.  Even better, each subdomain could provide an RSS feed that can be used to push some of its information to the home page as well.

> And if that's deemed too burdensome for now, we could have the first
> paragraph be "New to Scheme? See Want the
> latest Scheme news? See" and thus delegate
> maintaining the fresh and inviting stuff to subprojects - but I do agree
> that having the homepage pull some "latest news" from subdomains would
> be pretty neat.

Having some kind of aggregator for Scheme news would definitely be great.

News can mean two things: headlines only, or full articles. A headline
would be something like "Fantastic Scheme v1.2.3 released" or
"FantasticCon in Vienna on April 5th". An article could be a blog post
or Reddit post, a forwarded mailing-list announcement, etc.

It would be neat to have a Scheme blog, e.g. with
content like <>. Perhaps we could convince
the owner of that blog to move or dual-host it under

Several Schemers occasionally publish interesting writeups on their
personal blogs. It would be neat if we could import all the
Scheme-related articles from those blogs (and leave out all the
non-Scheme posts by some rule -- perhaps look for a "scheme" tag).

If we're doing an API at, the blog/news content could be
aggregated on the API server, and the blog/news subdomains and the front
page could make suitable queries to the API using AJAX.