Subdomains for events Lassi Kortela (25 Nov 2020 20:00 UTC)
Re: Subdomains for events Arthur A. Gleckler (25 Nov 2020 23:08 UTC)

Subdomains for events Lassi Kortela 25 Nov 2020 20:00 UTC

Should we have a subdomain as a website covering the
Scheme Workshop co-hosted with ICFP? If so, should each year's workshop
have its own sub-sub-domain, or should they all be on one site?

Workshops are a bit like RnRS in that the group organizing a particular
year's workshop is the rightful owner of that content, but they may be
reluctant to keep updating a site years after the event has passed.

We could also have, in which case
might be redundant, or would it?