Re: How to present academic research and history Jeronimo Pellegrini 25 Nov 2020 21:07 UTC

Lassi Kortela <> writes:

> Should we have a dedicated listing all known
> published papers and research groups involving Scheme? That would be a
> nice hat tip to the massive amount of good work that has gone into
> Scheme and inspired by it, and would positively distinguish it from many
> popular languages which, while useful, involve little to no original
> research.
> On a related note, it would be nice to eventually present Scheme's
> history somehow. This could be integrated into the research subdomain,
> or we could have a separate

I suppose having a large repository of Scheme-related academic research is
great, and a carefully crafted text on its history would also be
important -- it would be smaller, focusing on key ideas, and perhaps
linking to selected articles from the research repository.
Two different things as I see -- but of course, this is just an idea.

Maybe not just one text on Scheme's history. The recent paper by Clinger
and Wand, "Hygienic Macro Technology" [1], is a fantastic recount of
the history of hygienic macros -- and only of that. I think there should
be a link to it. (BTW, what are other similar works? Not related to
macros, but to other aspects of Scheme/Lisp? That kind of survey, going
through the key technical ideas and including their
historical context, is just great, but I don't see them very often.
I know there is a recent one on Emacs Lisp -- not Scheme, though).