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"Jakub T. Jankiewicz" <> writes:

>> So browers need to know which domain names operate as TLDs. The domain
>> name is going to be acting in the same way as a TLD, so e.g.
>> will be able to set and read cookies for
>>, unless something is done about this.
> I don't think that Web allow to set cookies for different domains, that is
> impossible, there is something called Origin in browser, which is domain +
> port + protocol. And only if it's the same cookies are sent. Do you have any
> article that will show this is not the case?
> I think that the public suffix is only needed for browsers that hide the
> part of the URL. I read somewhere that Chrome is considering do that for
> instance if page is it will only show in
> address bar, unless browser is told that is like TLD. This is the
> only reason I can know of when this is needed.
> There are no any security reason why would need to be like TLD,
> unless you have something that will confirm what you're saying.

I should have included a reference for this, of course. I might very
well be wrong in my explanation or maybe my information is out of date,
but I'm referring to "supercookies":


I think this bug report demonstrates quite well how it was before the
PSL: <>.

This is also one of the reason for having the PSL, listed on

| It allows browsers to, for example:
| * Avoid privacy-damaging "supercookies" being set for high-level
|   domain name suffixes
| * Highlight the most important part of a domain name in the user
|   interface
| * Accurately sort history entries by site

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