Jakub T. Jankiewicz (04 Dec 2020 21:09 UTC)
Re: Arthur A. Gleckler (04 Dec 2020 21:16 UTC)
Re: Lassi Kortela (04 Dec 2020 21:19 UTC)

Re: Lassi Kortela 04 Dec 2020 21:19 UTC

> Recently found this repo on GitHub. Maybe not everyone know about this.
> This is copy of Scheme related scientific articles, content of the

Yes. It's from readscheme, retrieved and converted to Markdown by
Amirouche, further converted to S-expressions by me.

> Maybe it can be restored into

The bibliography definitely should be put somewhere under,
yes. The database can go into; the human-readable web
pages could go into the we have or the we pondered in another thread on this list.

Here's a teaser auto-generated from the S-expressions:

> The articles itself need to be found elsewhere those are just lists of
> articles of that site.

The PDFs are copyrighted by the authors/publishers so we probably can't
have many/most of them on the public site, but we can well link to
public copies.