IRC channel Lassi Kortela (18 Dec 2020 10:52 UTC)
Re: IRC channel John Cowan (19 Dec 2020 04:24 UTC)

IRC channel Lassi Kortela 18 Dec 2020 10:52 UTC

I was finally persuaded to get on IRC. We could try if that incentivizes
people to write more code together at a faster pace. Amirouche used to
have an organization called Scheme Live, which I think sounds nice and
calls to mind live coding, so I started #scheme-live on Freenode. Hope
he doesn't mind stealing the name :) We could use it for all kinds of
Scheme integration work in general (as opposed to #scheme which is a
general-purpose channel for Q&A, announcements and chatting).

All decisions about subdomains and other important things should still
be made on this mailing list for transparency, but we don't have to
decide every coding detail on the list.