Creating Lassi Kortela (29 Dec 2020 17:29 UTC)
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Creating Lassi Kortela 29 Dec 2020 17:28 UTC

[Starting a new thread since the last one got so big]

Jakub wrote:

> What about if you create repo in scheme org, and add me
> to the org maybe you can add Marc as well and we will be able to work on the
> page if Marc agree.

That would be great. I asked Arthur to push a DNS record for it, and
will add it to the web server config.

Are you OK with using SSH (with sftp/scp/rsync to copy files) to work on
the site? If so, I can make you a Linux user account. Also for Marc
and/or his students or colleagues if they want to work on the server
directly. We use SSH public keys for access; no passwords.

> I would like if that's possible to use my jQuery Terminal[1] since I can add
> lot of features to the REPL like auto complete (forget to add that LIPS repl
> have it for function/macro names, but only for globals) auto indent and auto
> formatting and syntax highlighting. I can use part of LIPS code for that or
> maybe extract that into one smaller file. I wanted to split LIPS JavaScript
> code into modules, but it was failure, so whole JS code is in one file.
> [1]:

It looks like a neat project. I'll let you decide between yourselves
which libraries to use.

At some point, it would be nice to specify a standard interface for
Scheme implementations to communicate with something more advanced than
a terminal (i.e. the implementation would send and receive semantic
information like "this is a Scheme expression input in to the REPL",
"this is a stack trace", "this is one frame in the stack trace" instead
of sending/receiving text and ANSI codes). That would make it possible
to have separation of presentation and content, as HTML and CSS have
them separated. But it's quite an advanced project.