Site visitors Stats Jakub T. Jankiewicz 08 Mar 2021 19:48 UTC

Just want to share this project that I've just found. It was posted to Hacker

It created statistics for visitors that do not track the users at all. Don't
use cookies just single http request send using Ajax with stats like referrer
screen size etc. I just registered and If you want to know what the code
is, it's just:

fetch("" + new URLSearchParams({
        screen: screen.width+"x"+screen.height,
        user: "<your account username>", utcoffset:"1"

+ flag in sessionStorage that is not sent to the server. So the flag
disappear when the user close the browser.

and that's it + whatever you can get from HTTP request, since it's from user
browser so you get IP that point to the country the person live in. No cookies
are sent, so you don't even need cookie baner if you have just that.

The service is free I would most likely donate some money, It would be pretty
bad if this project disappear.

What you can do with the stats is that you can even publish it, for inner
circle of for the general public. It would be nice to see this public. For my
I don't care of other would see how many visitors I have for my project.

Maybe this would be nice addition for statics for Open Source. I would
definitely like public stats for my Open Source project that show this type
of data.

Jakub T. Jankiewicz, Web Developer