Cookbook for Scheme Jakub T. Jankiewicz (25 May 2021 19:08 UTC)
Re: Cookbook for Scheme Amirouche (25 May 2021 23:56 UTC)
Re: Cookbook for Scheme Lassi Kortela (26 May 2021 17:39 UTC)

Re: Cookbook for Scheme Lassi Kortela 26 May 2021 17:39 UTC

>> It would be nice to have cookbook for common solutions to different
>> problems/algorithms.

A cookbook is a very good idea. Thanks for offering to take on the job!

There's an old one called the Schematics Scheme Cookbook. We have a
mirror of it here:

It would be good to use it as a basis for a bigger, up-to-date cookbook.
However, we've had trouble clearing up its license. Its authors are
somewhat hard to reach nowadays.

A cookbook is almost useless if people need to add a big license notice
into their code whenever they copy a bit from there. We should figure
out how have the examples under a license (e.g. public domain
equivalent) that doesn't mandate people to add a notice.

>> And to be clear, I can work on this if I get domain
>>, I
>> will probably need access to the server. But first we can start with
>> GitHub
>> repo and publish announcement on Reddit and see if we will have
>> something to
>> get started with.

I think this is a good plan. Jakub, I've invited you to the schemedoc
organization on GitHub; feel free to add anything you need and ask
questions if you get stuck. There are now 11 members there.

I'm fine with a cookbook subdomain, or we could put it under the subdomain; I'll defer the decision to others.

> We already tried :)

The cookbook project previously stalled because we couldn't reach the
guy who knew all about the license. We should try again.

> People have more chance to contribute is there enough material. At the
> moment the best way IMO to contribute to scheme is via

IMHO the best way to contribute is for everyone to work on something
they're interested in. That's the way to get good work done fast. If
Jakub is most interested in a cookbook, it's something that would
definitely help a lot.

We have a lot of mundane maintenance tasks too, so if anyone wants to do
something not-particularly-fun for Scheme, would be very welcome.

Planet Scheme is nice, but at the moment Scheme could really use more of
basically everything - more code, docs, web pages, essays, people... So
there's a lot of room for different interests.