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Re: Container-based infrastructure Peter Lane 17 Aug 2022 14:27 UTC

On 17/08/2022 07:47, Lassi Kortela wrote:
>> I'm not opposed in principle, but the learning curve for Docker is
>> steep enough that this may deter people from participating.
> Not every contributor needs Docker. We can just use it on the server,
> or for CI.

When you say 'contributor', are you meaning someone who looks after,
e.g., the guide ( as a whole, or
someone who might contribute a single page to the guide?

I was thinking of filling out/adding some pages to the guide. From the
perspective of contributing a single page, I would want to simply submit
a single asciidoc or markdown file, and have that incorporated somehow
into the process of building the static pages.

For the person looking after the guide, they would need some appropriate
infrastructure to generate static pages ready to be uploaded to the
server. That should be whatever is easiest for them to manage.

Based on the second part, there perhaps needs to be some guidance for
anyone creating individual pages on how best to do so - do we settle on
asciidoc or markdown or support both? Permit images/icons?
Source-highlighting? Diagramming tools?

> We could lay out the repos so that there's a Makefile which builds the
> site into a subdirectory. The container will install dependencies, run
> make, then tar up the subdirectory. People who don't want to use
> Docker (which often includes myself) can install the dependencies some
> other way, for which we can provide instructions.
> I really dislike "make" and shell scripts, and wish we had Scheme
> alternatives ready to go, but there's nothing easy enough yet. That
> calls for some SRFIs, but those take time. scsh exists, but isn't
> seeing much use currently.
Just to follow on from the second part - I'm not sure whether you
envisage a more community-guided level of contribution, or need a
'leader' for different sections. For example, if I were to volunteer to
'take care of' the Scheme Guide section, that could mean:

1. producing a set of adoc or md pages, ready for someone/script else to
process into html and upload to the server;

2. producing a set of static pages, with appropriate styling etc, ready
for another person to upload to the server; or

3. producing the pages and completing the upload to the server.

The last two would be affected by standard ways to layout the repos.

-- Peter