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Completing the microkernelization of on GitHub Lassi Kortela 06 Dec 2022 09:12 UTC

The plan mentioned in the initial announcement of was to use
a "microkernel" approach as a safeguard against language-political and
general political problems compromising the site in the future.

The idea was that and the DNS entries are administered by
few trusted people according to strict, minimalist guidelines, whereas
the other subdomains can be more freewheeling and experimental.

This split is now finally reflected on GitHub; I moved the repos (except
for the "kernel" repo) from schemeorg to schemeorg-community. So:

The "kernel" ( and DNS):

Community-driven subdomains (most of them):

Please let me know if you want to be added as a member to the
schemeorg-community organization. (Non-members can still send pull

The members of the kernel organization are currently Arthur and myself.
If people feel that I have too much power, I can remove myself and add
someone else in my place. The goal is for the kernel to operate in an
impartial manner according to established rules regardless of who runs
it. We don't yet have a charter of the rules, but should in the future.