backups Lassi Kortela (05 Dec 2022 22:33 UTC)
Re: backups Retropikzel (06 Dec 2022 09:13 UTC)

Re: backups Retropikzel 06 Dec 2022 09:13 UTC

On 06.12.2022 00:33, Lassi Kortela wrote:
> now has sufficient usage that it's
> irresponsible not to take backups of the SQL database and the git
> repos.
> What would be the proper way to store backups? I guess we should have
> a nightly cron job which tars them up and uploads them onto some other
> server?

I have not set it up yet because Sourcehut does not support HTTP push
(To my knowledge atleast) but Gitea also has repository mirroring

It can be set up in the repository settings. I do not know if it needs
extra setup from
the server side to work in the Gitea instance.

I will test it with GitLab and let you know if it does not work.

Ps. I hope I'm sending these responses into right place, mailing lists
are confusing to use.