progress Lassi Kortela 02 Mar 2023 17:40 UTC is starting to be in useful shape.

Göran has written many more manual pages at

I've been working on man-to-HTML conversion. We've tried, in order:

* GNU groff
* BSD mandoc
* man2html (
* unroff (

Groff and mandoc do not recognize cross-manpage hyperlinks in manpages
written using -man macros.

Groff, mandoc, and man2html are written entirely in C/C++ and are
difficult to customize.

unroff happens to be written in Scheme, using an old but still working
implementation called Elk. This makes it very pleasant to customize. I
have resurrected its website at the Scheme Conservatory, patched the
build scripts, and written a modest extensions to the HTML backend.

If anyone has some extra time and interest, help dusting off unroff and
Elk Scheme would be welcome.

These would also be helpful:

* Patches to cover more Scheme implementations in

* Writing new pages for