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Re: Adding another server + better compartmentalization Amirouche (28 Nov 2023 18:18 UTC)

Re: Adding another server + better compartmentalization Amirouche 28 Nov 2023 18:18 UTC

On Friday, November 24th, 2023 at 20:45, Lassi Kortela <> wrote:

> The main server running most subdomains has been at full
> capacity for a while.
> For example, if you've witnessed Gitea crashing, it's because the
> Postgres database runs out of RAM (and swap) at intervals. This does not
> cause data corruption, but does cause service disruption.
> A lot of the resource usage is due to botnets hitting the site, which is
> probably unavoidable on today's internet. This also causes log bloat.
> It's common for one log file to take nearly a gigabyte of disk. We have
> some log rotation, but apparently not enough. To avoid disruption, logs
> should probably be stored on a dedicated file system.

Dedicated file system? Like what? You could ignore 404 errors, that should
save some space, or redirect 404 to a dedicated log, that rotated, deleted
more regularly to still have some logs about the 404.

Or you can use fail2ban to monitor nginx logs, and ban disrupting ips.


> Even if the above is taken care of, the main server still isn't beefy
> enough to host everything. I'd like to take this opportunity to advance
> the "microkernelization" of (as explained in the original
> announcement) by keeping the front page and some administrivia on the
> current server, and moving the community subdomains to a new server.

Scaling that way is very painful depending on the growth of the community.
My favorite approach, given the team is:

- two containers running in different hosts for gitea, and a third host for the database;
- the static asset should be present their own hosts

> This would also make server configuration and git repos easier to figure
> out, as the main server would correspond to the github organization
> and the community servers would correspond
> to The current layout is quite
> confusing.

FWIW, I should have showed up earlier, but should be dedicated
to community website like, and Everything that
the core community maintains, unlike:

Should be in

The historical reason, is that SEO threat subdomains as different orgs, possibly
with a less good reputation than toplevel domain circa 2000 that was the case with
blogger and wordpress blogs. And that hurts indexation. Also, recently, there is
a couple of website that avoid completely subdomains, most GAFAM do that.
Another case is that bring up the tilde e.g.

That is an interesting case because they do expose subdomains for "technical" reasons: microservices.

> is fundamentally DNS-based, git-sourced, and automated using
> Ansible, so it is quite easy to experiment with different servers and
> move subdomains between them with little disruption.

It is unclear what is the current setup.

> Let me know if there are any suggestions or objections. If I don't hear
> anything by the end of the weekend, I'll go ahead with the plan. I
> emphasize that this is just a server issue and should not cause
> user-visible changes.
> As before, ssh and git access is available to people who'd like to work
> on the site.