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Re: Fwd: 2023 Scheme Workshop proceedings and ICFP web page Lassi Kortela 12 Dec 2023 10:37 UTC

> Would it be reasonable for us to host
> <>? I volunteered that we could, but that was
> when I though it was just one small static page that linked to
> third-party sites for previous years' workshops.  It turns out that that
> is the case for many years, but that some years' pages went down, so
> Robby imported those and serves them from that domain directly.  It's
> all static, but takes about 250MB.  How much extra work would it be to
> host that?

Absolutely. Static sites are trivial to set up, and gigabytes are cheap.

The domain is registered at Gandi. It's best if
Findler stays as the registrant. We can manage the DNS if he likes.

We should set up a proper page about Scheme domains, and in whose name
each is registered.