Organization Amirouche Boubekki (13 Apr 2019 21:52 UTC)
Re: Organization Lassi Kortela (13 Apr 2019 21:59 UTC)
Re: Organization Amirouche Boubekki (13 Apr 2019 22:32 UTC)

Re: Organization Lassi Kortela 13 Apr 2019 21:58 UTC

Thanks for joining in and voicing your thoughts :) I didn't reply yet
because there's a lot to think about and I'm trying to figure out how to
put some ideas together into coherent proposals. A lot of unknowns to
think about.

> I figured that I have not the rights required to edit the wiki of the
> wiki repository.

I gave you more permissions, does it work now?

> To be honest, I think github wiki is inconvenient. Why not
> rely on markdown files inside git instead, so that we can rely on
> pull-requests and better review changes?

We didn't think about the technology at all, we just started jotting
down ideas as fast as we could... The markdown approach is a good idea
to try. But would it be slow to edit things? The wiki is meant more for
early stage planning so the ideas are not super coherent. Would pull
requests be better for something that is a bit more polished or has been
thought more about?