Want to kickstart the Scheme API already? Lassi Kortela 20 Apr 2019 14:26 UTC

I'm getting tired of waiting for the Scheme API ;-)

So the point would be to have a web server to provide Scheme metadata
and documentation to the world in whatever formats people find
convenient and are willing to implement.

The API should be versioned so there's no harm in starting already. If
we make something lousy, we can just increment the version number and
the next version will be better :)

If someone is would like to work with me on this already, we would first
need to pick which server to use. We need a Scheme HTTP server that can
serve S-expressions, JSON, HTML, XML and maybe other formats. We could
use Racket, or Spiffy from Chicken, or some other choice.

I've hosted the experimental SRFI Continuous Integration server on
Heroku and it's really easy (there's an existing Heroku buildpack for
Racket but it shouldn't be hard to make a buildpack for Chicken or
whatever else we decide to use).

We could also host it on a traditional Linux server somewhere. I've had
a good experience with NearlyFreeSpeech.net. There's always AWS. IIRC
Arthur has the current SRFI infrastructure on Linode. But Heroku's
integrations to Git, databases and other things are incredible.

Of course the stable version can run in another place things get to that
point (maybe late this year if things go well?)

I don't really have a strong preference as to which Scheme
implementation, web server or hosting platform to use. Mostly I'd just
like to get a collaborator and I'm happy to use whatever (linux-based
thing) they want to use :)

Also if somebody thinks a unified Scheme API is a terrible idea for some
reason, please state that reason at this point since we haven't started
yet :)