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Linear-update suffix: ! 1 or @ Dan Bornstein (19 Aug 1999 20:49 UTC)
Re: Linear-update suffix: ! 1 or @ Sergei Egorov (19 Aug 1999 21:23 UTC)
Re: Linear-update suffix: ! 1 or @ sperber@xxxxxx (20 Aug 1999 06:45 UTC)

Re: Linear-update suffix: ! 1 or @ sperber@xxxxxx 20 Aug 1999 06:45 UTC

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Bornstein <> writes:

Dan> John David Stone:
>> I vote for bang.  I think that it's important to reserve
>> special-character prefixes and suffixes for the use of application
>> programmers, so I'm against ``using up'' the whorl character just to
>> provide a visual reminder of a procedure's linear-update effect.

Dan> A data point: I took all the sources from the U Indiana Scheme Repository
Dan> (<URL:>) and grepped for
Dan> identifiers with "@" in them and found exactly one ("@vv" in Matrices.scm).
Dan> I know there's a lot more Scheme code in the world than the Repository
Dan> holds, but it's a good sample set.

Well, MzScheme uses a @ suffix for units throughout, so there's a lot
of them in *my* code.  I vote against it.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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