Erratum for SRFI 1 John Cowan 26 Jul 2016 21:37 UTC

There is a long-standing bug in the SRFI 1 specification that couldn't
be fixed because we didn't have an erratum process.  The definitions of
`any`, `every`, and `list-index` specify that the predicates must return
a boolean result, i.e. `#t` or `#f`.  This has never been the case:
all known implementations accept ordinary predicates that can return
any object other than `#f` to mean "true".  The words "and returning a
boolean result" should be removed from each definition.

Here's a paragraph for the Status section:

Erratum:  The procedures `any`, `every`, and `list-index` accept
predicates that can return any value other than `#f` to represent "true".

John Cowan
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