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Re: SRFI-59, SLIB, and SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH Vitaly Magerya 08 Oct 2009 09:42 UTC

Abdulaziz Ghuloum wrote:
>>> SRFI-59 and SLIB use the environment variable SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH to
>>> configure their single Scheme-source library directory. If SRFI-103
>>> appropriates SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH for its use, it will cause SRFI-59
>>> and SLIB supporting implementations (of which there are many) to fail.
> I'm not sure there is a conflict in practice if this SRFI uses the name
> SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH since the intersection of users/implementations that
> use both R6RS and SLIB is practically 0.0.

Larceny supports both SLIB and R6RS.

I have both a number of R5RS implementations with SLIB, and a few R6RS
implementations installed at the same time; and this is not that rare.

> The whole idea of using "SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH" is to say where your
> Scheme files are.

SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH in this SRFI only specifies where R6RS libraries
are. If R^NRS libraries (for some N > 6) will not be compatible, you'll
end up with the same kind of conflict.