New revision of SRFI 103 Derick Eddington 20 Oct 2009 17:20 UTC

A new revision of SRFI 103 is available at


Remove all design related to versioning.  Explain why this SRFI does not
support versions in file names.

Require a first-ordered matching file to be chosen.  Thus making
different implementations portably consistent about what files are used.

Encode a fixed set of characters, catering to Windows.

Change implicit file name prefix to "main".  Prevent conflicts by
mapping library names (--- main) to "---/_main.sls", (--- _main) to
"---/__main.sls", and so on.

Remove the restriction that search paths must be independent.

Rephrase to state that files conforming to this SRFI must have only one
library per file.  Thus allowing implementations which support SRFI 103
to also support files which do not conform to it.

Make supporting implementation-specific file name extensions optional.


In the Abstract section, only say this SRFI is for R6RS libraries.

In the Design section, better describe why this SRFI has only
single-library files.

Add comment to the Issues section about a sequence of searched-for
extensions replacing the current design of special support for
implementation-specific file name extensions.

Add comment to the Issues section about generalizing this SRFI to
support multiple dialects and about using a more specific file name
extension for R6RS libraries.

A little misc clean-up.

: Derick