Ikarus modified to use SRFIs 103 and 104 Derick Eddington 24 Sep 2009 09:05 UTC

I have created a modified version of Ikarus, modified to use SRFI 103:
Library Files and SRFI 104: Library Files Utilities as the primary means
of importing external libraries from files.

Available at:

My purpose in announcing it here is so that interested people can try
actually using SRFIs 103 and 104.  Please keep the discussion in the
SRFIs' mailing lists about the SRFIs themselves.  Do not send comments
about this modified Ikarus to these mailing lists unless they're
relevant to the design of the SRFIs.  If you have issues using this
modified Ikarus, email me privately or at the ikarus-users mailing list
where I will be forwarding this announcement to.

The bindings of SRFI 104 are exported from the `(ikarus)' library, but
`directory-list' is renamed to `srfi-104:directory-list' because it
conflicts with Ikarus's different `directory-list'.  Wrapper libraries
named `(srfi :104 library-files-utilities)' and `(srfi :104)' can easily
be made by simply importing and re-exporting (and renaming
`srfi-104:directory-list') the bindings from Ikarus.  (I plan to provide
such wrappers in a modified version of the SRFIs collection I maintain,
which will be at https://code.launchpad.net/scheme-libraries after I
make it.)

I've done some preliminary tests to make sure this modified Ikarus is
working, but I have not yet thoroughly tested it.  I plan to use it as
my primary Scheme system as much as possible, and I have a couple
sizable library collections which should help me test it more.  Any
updates to it will be available at the first URL above, and if you have
a LaunchPad account, you can subscribe to it for automatic emailed
update notifications.

Currently, it builds on 32-bit x86 only.  I should be able to make the
x86_64 pre-built boot file, after I get my x86_64 computer set up (I
recently moved into a new house).

See the file README--SRFI-104 for a couple more comments about it.

One way to get it is:

$ bzr checkout --lightweight lp:~derick-eddington/ikarus/ikarus.dev--SRFI-104

It should build the same as official Ikarus revisions:

$ cd ikarus.dev--SRFI-104
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure --prefix SOMEWHERE
$ make
$ make check    # optional
$ make install  # optional

: Derick