Updated SRFI-105 (2012-09-08) David A. Wheeler 08 Sep 2012 22:45 UTC
Here's the updated (and hopefully improved) SRFI-105.  SRFI editors: Would you please update to this one?

Some highlights:
* Discusses infix.plt, another infix system
* Has a longer discussion about precedence
* Include John Cowan's research about brace use in Schemes. Only 2 (Chibi and RScheme)
   of 45 have a meaning assigned to the braces, a remarkably small number.
* Include Donovan Kolbly's description of RScheme's brace use
* Separate discussion of why marker should begin with "#!", vs. why the marker should be "#!srfi-105".
* Now completely HTML 3.2  per the W3C validator - no exceptions at all.  The one use of "style="
  has been replaced with a table and non-breakable-hyphen to force formatting.
* Said that for portability, portable applications SHOULD use the marker, per request by John Cowan
* I reorganized some things in the early part of the rationale.  Hopefully it's clearer, though that means that "diff" will show changes that are really just moves.

I polled the guile list about beginning a marker with "#!", since they have a completely different semantic for #! than some others.  Generally nobody on the guile list screamed about it, which was reassuring.

I HAVE gotten some complaints about using #!srfi-105 ... several want #!curly-infix.  But those emails aren't on the SRFI-105 email list!  I haven't changed the marker, but I did separate out the discussion of "#!" from "#!srfi-105", since they are separate issues, in case that changes.  I hope to see some others join, and then have a discussion on that topic.  If the only issue is the spelling of a marker, that's pretty good.

--- David A. Wheeler