Re: Please update SRFI-105 David A. Wheeler 07 Oct 2012 01:40 UTC

Per Bothner
> I just glanced at the, but I noticed 4 instances of $bracket-access$.
> Should they be $bracket-apply$ ?

Great catch!!

You're absolutely right, thanks for noticing that.  Fixed.

> I also noticed:
>    The symbol $bracket-apply$ is somewhat more awkward to type directly,
> but this
>    is actually a  good thing; this means it is even more unlikely to be used
>    unintentionally by user code.
> By the same argument:  Should nfc be $nfc$ or something longer?

You mean "nfx", I believe.  Actually, I left that one unchanged by intent.  It's plausible you might want to invoke that directly, or that there's an existing "nfx" macro you want to invoke.  In contrast, the "$bracket-apply$" is really only for when you use the brackets (as implied by the name).

--- David A. Wheeler