Re: Please update SRFI-105 David A. Wheeler 25 Oct 2012 15:52 UTC
Dear editors: Please post this update to SRFI-105.

This is a minor tweak and does *NOT* change the specification at all.  Instead, it makes minor fixes to the design rationale details.  In particular:
* Change infix.plt to note support for |...|, as explained by the developer of infix.plt
* Changed #! text from "srfi-105" to "curly-infix" in the design rationale; we somehow missed this when we changed the marker text (reported by Alan Manuel Gloria on Oct 22, 2012).
* A minor grammar error was fixed; "It easy to use..." changed to "It makes it easy to use..."

We could have removed the infix.plt text entirely, but I think it's *important* to at least briefly discuss infix.plt. Infix.plt is one of the more widely-available alternatives, and it also serves as a good example of similar approaches.  People can sincerely disagree on the value of the trade-offs between SRFI-105 and infix.plt, but the first step in that discussion is to understand their differences. (My sincere thanks to its author for various clarifications, particularly on |...|, that was very helpful.)

SRFI-105 participants: LAST CALL!

--- David A. Wheeler