Individual comments on SRFI 107 John Cowan 18 Nov 2012 19:36 UTC

Here are the individual comments on SRFI 107 that have occurred to me
so far:

1) Attribute names and values cannot be replaced by enclosed expressions.
That should be allowed.

2) It should be made clear early that the lexical syntax does not allow
whole XML documents to be inserted.  I'll send another email suggesting
a way to represent whole documents.

3) It should also be made clear early that the lexical syntax is a
superset of XML syntax.

4) I believe that the namespace mapping passed to $xml-element$ should be
wrapped in (quote ...) in order to lift the restriction that $xml-element$
needs to be a macro rather than a procedure.

5) Change $resolve-qname$ and $entity-reference$ to $xml-resolve-qname$
and $xml-entity-reference$ for uniformity.  I realize that in Kawa QNames
have a wider scope than just XML, but that won't necessarily be true
in other implementations of SRFI 107.  If these forms seem too verbose,
$xml-qname$ and $xml-entity$ work for me.

John Cowan
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