Re: Individual comments on SRFI 107 John Cowan 18 Nov 2012 21:06 UTC

Per Bothner scripsit:

> >1) Attribute names and values cannot be replaced by enclosed expressions.
> They can, unless I'm missing your point:  The attribute name is
> given by an xml-name-form, which can be an xml-enclosed-expression.

Oops, right.

> Likewise, xml-attribute-value can contain xml-escaped.

Yes, you can write <a href="&{some-uri}">.  What you can't write is
<a &{some-attribute}> as you mention, nor <a href=&{some-uri}>,
which you don't bring up.  I think both should be allowed for uniformity.

> If we drop the semantics parts as you recommended earlier, then perhaps:
>   We specify a reader extension that reads data in a superset of
>   XML/HTML format, and produces conventional S-expressions.


> Though one could still wrap the namespace list in quotes to support
> some use-cases that don't need that, and then applications that want
> to support true lexical namespace bindings can just strip the quotes
> in the macro.

Exactly.  Aren't macros wonderful?

> In XML terminology, an "entity" is a "piece of text" - for example a file
> or a string.  An entity reference is an identifier that resolves to an
> entity.  So I'm not sure ($xml-entity$ NAME) would be a good idea.  I don't
> mind a slightly more verbose $xml-entity-reference$.


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