Re: SRFI-108/SRFI-109 special characters John Cowan 18 Nov 2012 21:22 UTC

Shiro Kawai scripsit:

> Thanks for an interesting srfi.   I prefer xml-style, for (1) starting
> with # makes it stand out more as an extended syntax, and (2) for
> something like srfi-109 we can refer to the existing XML standard when
> it's useful (e.g. entity reference).

I strongly prefer XML-style with braces.  This use of braces will not
conflict with SRFI-105, nor will it conflict with the existing uses of
brackets as alternative parens.  (In Chicken, braces are also alternative
parens, unfortunately, but that can be changed.)

> There's one thing that confused me, though.  (Maybe because of the
> arrangement of the document).

I haven't properly reviewed this paper yet, but I'm guessing it will
need some editorial reorganization as well.

More later.

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