SRFI-108/SRFI-109 special characters Per Bothner 10 Nov 2012 16:50 UTC

(Notice this initial message goes to both the SRFI 108 and 109 lists,
but I set "Followup-to" to only the 108 list.)

Welcome to SRFIs 108 and 109.  I hope you will find these useful.

The first order of business so to try to reach consensus about
what special/delimiter characters to use.  So I draw your attention
to the section discussing this:

If you have a preference as to which syntax works best, I'd like to
hear it.  Ideally try to mull the various alternatives, and perhaps
play with them using pencil and paper.  Do you prefer XML-style syntax,
Scribble-style syntax, or something completely different?  For now just
reply t this message; if we get too many messages we may try a poll.

Once there is a decision (I'm the benevolent dictator of these SRFIs),
I'll simplify the presentation to reflect that decision.
	--Per Bothner