Re: making indentation marker &| implicit Per Bothner 01 Jun 2013 23:25 UTC

Any preferences concerning explicit indentation marker:

     &|if (foo)
     &|    bar();

or Scribble-style implicit ("automagic") indentation:

     if (foo)

"Automagic" indentation is of course is nicer-looking,
less distracting to read, and (possible) easier to write.

However, I see some downsides:

* More complicated rules with possibly-unexpected behavior.

* Slightly harder to have initial indentation for every line.
A work-around is to use a comment or continuation-marker.
For example:

       if (foo)

This is more natural with explicit indentation:

     &|  if (foo)
     &|      bar();

* For text-oriented applications (e.g. paragraphs) indentation
is ignored (so automagic indentation doesn't get us anything),
while for literal text having the explicit markers might be
preferable anyway.

* Likewise, for a string literal (SRFI-109) explicit indentation
seems more "expected".

Comments or counter-example welcome - especially from people
experienced using Scribble.

I'm leaning towards explicit indentation using &| - i.e.
the current status of the specifications.
	--Per Bothner