Final call for SRFI-108 and 109 Per Bothner 15 Jun 2013 19:35 UTC

I realize people have been very busy, but it's time
to wrap these up.  So if you have any issues or
concerns, please speak up now.  Specifically, there
some recent issues it would be nice to get some feedback on:

(1) For string literals only, should we change the
prefix from "&{" to "`{" or "'{" or "#{"?  The escape character
would still be "&" (or "@" if using a Scribbe syntax) - i.e.
`{Hello &[name]!}

(2) Should we handle indentation implicitly using Scribble-style
rules, or use an explicit marker, such as "#|"?

(3) Should we change to a Scribble-compatible syntax,
using @foo{text} insread of &foo{text}?  I think this
requires the changes in (1) and (2) as well.
	--Per Bothner