library for immutate base Per Bothner (17 Sep 2014 16:46 UTC)
Re: library for immutate base John Cowan (17 Sep 2014 17:15 UTC)

Re: library for immutate base John Cowan 17 Sep 2014 17:15 UTC

Per Bothner scripsit:

> It seems desirable to standardize a library equivalent to
> R7RS's (scheme base) but with all the list/pair-related
> functions replaced by the corresponding SRFI-116 ones - and
> of course without set-car! set-cdr! etc.
> Similarly, there should be a library that imports the "traditional"
> mutable pair/list functions, but renamed using the Racket convention.

I've addressed this in my posting on issues already discussed.
I think it's a Good Thing, but out of scope for this SRFI, since it
is R7RS-specific, whereas this SRFI is meant to apply to R[4567]RS.
It should be taken up on the WG2 list.

John Cowan
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