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Feedback from #chicken Arne Babenhauserheide 11 Mar 2015 20:28 UTC

I talked to the folks in #chicken (on, and the
discussion yielded a clarification:

    To represent tail notation like
        (define (foo . args))
    either avoid a linebreak before the dot as in
        define : foo . args
    or use a double dot to start the line:
          . . args
    The first dot mark the line as continuation, the second enters
    the scheme code.

Later reflection provided two clarifications to avoid limiting future
uses of the dot as syntax.

    A dot as symbol at the end of a line is reserved for potential
    future use. It should be a syntax error if the next non-empty line
    starts with non-zero indentation. A lone dot at the end of a line
    calls for hard to catch errors.

    A dot as only symbol in a line has no useful meaning: the line is
    by definition empty. As such, a dot as only symbol on a line is
    also reserved for future use and should be treated as a syntax
    error to avoid locking out future possibilities.

I attached an updated version of the SRFI.

Best wishes,
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